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Ava Bitler 

I’ve been taking voice and acting lessons with Yael for four years and counting. I can confidently say that she has helped me grow both as a performer and as a person. Since our first lesson, she has taught me to be much more confident in my singing abilities. I started out very self conscious, yet her lessons have always been such a safe space to be vulnerable and try new things. Furthermore, she has taught me some of the greatest Broadway-level singing techniques—She’s basically the Fairy Godmother of musical theatre. Thanks to her coaching, I’ve gotten to play some of my biggest dream roles, including Janis in the musical “Mean Girls.” Yael is the most supportive and effective teacher I’ve ever had…The training Yael has given me will undoubtedly stay with me throughout my entire acting career.



Mark Kaliman

What a difference a summer makes! Yael did private voice lessons with our five-year-old son while he was visiting his grandma in San Diego during the summer vacation. He is a good-natured kid, but usually has a hard time concentrating on a task and memorizing phrases. However, with Yael he could not wait for the lessons, and incredibly, she kept him engaged throughout each session. 

Yael is a talented instructor and amazing with kids. Our son went from not being able to articulate or memorize a few sentences to being able to memorize and sing full stanzas while articulating each word. I also believe that for younger kids this has an added benefit of sharpening their ability to focus and internalize
new information. All of this while having tons of fun! If you are looking for a voice coach – Yael is the best.


Eliz Velez

Eliz has been taking voice lessons with Yael for almost a year and she has enjoyed every class! Yael makes the lessons fun and engaging. Eliz had developed new singing and stage skills thanks to Yael coaching approach and techniques. Yael has great musical theater experience and a passion for teaching that makes a wonderful combination. She helped Eliz get ready for the audition of the Little Mermaid play. With Yael’s guidance Eliz gained confidence on her vocal abilities and stage presence and was able to have a successful audition getting the lead role of Ariel.

Abby Yuska_Primary Headshot_2024.JPG

Abby Yuska

I had been working with Yael for a few months when I found out I got a call back for Mary Lennox in "The Secret Garden". I was not feeling confident going into the callback, and Yael jumped on an "emergency" Zoom call and ran through the song with me a few more times before I went in. She reassured me I was ready, and I ended up getting my first lead in a professional production! Thanks to Yael, I believed I could do it walking in that door, and it made a huge difference.


Jessica Baity

Working with Yael is always such an easy and informational experience.  She has over ten years of training from so many different establishments which makes her a well-rounded singer and an equally diverse coach.  Because of this, she is able to cater to any voice at any range or level of experience. Her ear for precision is impeccable. She is able to tweak even the slightest adjustments in tone, quality and pitch.  Yael is just as passionate about her own voice as she is about her clients’ voices, which makes her lessons fulfilling and leaves you excited to come back for more!

Acting Headshots...SENIOR YEAR BABY.JPG

John Baylon

As a performer, it's so important to have the right support behind you! Yael is such a warm, kind, and bubbly personality that will help you overcome whatever obstacle that may hinder you from presenting the best version of yourself. Whether it be vocal technique, audition preparation, or acting the song, she will suggest and guide students towards finding their best interpretation of any material. I was fortunate enough to work with Yael on prepping myself for a production of A Chorus Line. In the time we worked together, we were able to fix some minor vocal details on my audition song and really find the acting moments in the cuts. I really recommend working with her!


Aj and Julian Villela

Our kids tell us that working with Yael has been fun, educational, and did we say FUN!? When we met Yael our kids didn't have any formal training and were getting into singing and acting for the first time. Her great personality and teaching methods made them feel really comfortable and confident as they progressed with their talents. One of the things that stands out when working with Yael is not only does she do a great job coaching our kids but she also does a wonderful job with parents and guiding us through this industry. We highly recommend Yael to anyone.


Haley Dorrance

Yael is able to bring out your strengths and make them stronger. She is able to target your weaknesses with sensitivity and passion to turn them into flaws that don't have to hold you back.  Her voice lessons make me feel confident in myself and confident in my ability to improve.  She is wise in her craft of singing and performing.  Would recommend to anyone.


Sofia Babev

It has been a pleasure working with Yael. What I most appreciate about her as a teacher is that she encourages her students to tackle challenges. My daughter, Sofia, initially didn’t want to try out singing a song that Yael suggested because she thought she just couldn’t do it. Yael encouraged her to give it a try and Sofia not only did a good job but is well on her way to mastering the song. The smile on her face when she realized she could in fact “do it” was priceless ! Thank you, Yael!

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